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Formerly known as the Gold Coast, Ghana is famous for being the first country in sub-Saharan Africa to achieve independence. Dr. Kwame Nkrumah led the gold price to independence after a long struggle and became the first black head of state in Ghana. There are a number of interesting facts about Ghana that show it as one of the most famous countries in the world. It is Africa's second largest economy after the United States of America and the third largest in South Africa.

Kumasi is famous and often referred to as the gateway to Africa and is considered the cultural cradle of Ghana, because the vitality of its culture is more evident here than in any other part of the country. American officials prepared the way for Elma Adams to come to Ghana in February 1964 at the invitation of Professor Nketia of the University of Ghana. African-American visitors to Ghana included Dr. Zelma George, who gave them the opportunity to illustrate many aspects of American culture and society.

Kumasi is the second largest city in Ghana and its central market, considered the largest outdoor market in West Africa, is a shopping paradise.

Kumasi is home to Ghana's National Cultural Centre and a few circles of traffic have cultural sculptures around them. The former fortress has been preserved and converted into a military historical museum, including a museum of Kumasi's history and its people, as well as a collection of cultural artefacts.

The Republic of Ghana and the Gold Coast of Africa also recorded a significant increase in visitor numbers to the Kumasi National Cultural Centre. African Drumming, and this archived page provides an overview of the history and culture of this cultural center and its heritage.

Ghana's cultural heritage, which is protected and promoted by the National Commission for Culture, has regional cultural centres throughout the country. The Commission, established in 1990, promotes the preservation and promotion of Ghanaian culture and the development of Kumasi's national culture.

There are two ethnic groups that weave Kente fabric, the Akan and the Ashanti Ewe, but which came first and which is more innovative depends on the source of the information. The research site is located at the University of Ghana, Kumasi, a research centre for cultural heritage research in Ghana. They make up more than half of the population and include the inhabitants of the south and central Ghana.

In Ghana you will appreciate exquisite art and crafts and experience cultural drums and dances that will touch your soul with their intensity. Although the artists split their time between Ghana and Great Britain, they represent the people and ideas that move seamlessly across cultures in the African world.

The cost of living is much lower in Ghana than in North America, and it is an affordable place to visit, as a dollar costs 5.79 Cedis. If you are travelling to Ghana, or want to settle there or do business there, you will gain a helpful head start in understanding the country and its culture. I # ve listed an itinerary with Ghana for you to scroll down, so If you only have one week, I hope you think about planning a trip to Ghana. We hope to see you soon in Africa and hope you think twice before planning your trip to Ghana.

Traditional Ghanaian crafts such as pottery, ceramics, woodworking and other traditional crafts can be found here. Scattered throughout, these earthen buildings bear witness to the artistic achievements of the Asante culture. For more information on how they are actually made, please visit the National Cultural Centre.

Ghanaian wisdom - like, these 16 interesting facts about Ghana will help you get to know the country even better. Use your travel time to learn about the history and culture of the whole country in Ghana. Take a look at the volunteer program for Ghana and see how you can get involved. You can learn more about some of these interesting facts about Africa and Ghana first hand.

If you are planning a trip to Ghana, you should consider a few things before you leave. Ghana is the perfect entry point into the African continent, if you look around Ghana and are a bit cautious. One of the first things you want to do in Ghana is find a place to live.

The journey begins in warm and friendly Ghana and continues to the undefeated Niger and then on to the border with Nigeria. Ghana, officially the Republic of Ghana, borders Nigeria, Burkina Faso, Cameroon, Ivory Coast, Niger and Gambia. It is located in the transitional forest zone of Ghana and is one of the most beautiful places on the continent, with a great view of Africa and the largest forest in Africa.

We made a short stop at the Ashanti Cultural Centre to learn more about the culture of the Ashanti. The renowned Asante Culture Centre in Ghana focuses on the cultural heritage of Asante. Well priced and comfortable, it is run by a beautiful lady who moved from Jamaica to Ghana over 20 years ago.

More About Kumasi

More About Kumasi