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Jack Bell Gallery is pleased to present the first exhibition of three Ghanaian artists who live and work in Kumasi and who have developed from their experiences in the city. The inaugural exhibition Accra: Portraits of a City will coincide with the 60th anniversary of Ghana's independence and will explore the emergence and modernity of Ghana's capital. A colourful mural created by Bernard Akoi-Jackson during a stay with the help of local visitors is permanently on display at the entrance to the Foundation and bears a striking resemblance to the work contained in Acca.

Both artists are deeply religious in their art and the themes they address undoubtedly touch the nerve of the many congregations that can be found in churches throughout Ghana, which has profoundly influenced them and their artists.

We hope to celebrate Chale and Wote in the coming weeks with a series of special events in Ghana and beyond. We will examine their work, as well as the history of Ghana's art and culture in general and the relationship between the two artists.

If you have paid a deposit of $500 for art and culture in Ghana, we will send you a form to fill out your visa for Ghana.

Ghanaian art, written by Atta Kwami, describes the life and work of Ghanaian artists, writers, musicians and artists of the late 19th and early 20th centuries. The book was written as a result of Kwamy's doctoral thesis at the Open University and is the result of a collaboration between the University of Cape Coast and the Ghana Institute of Arts and Culture. Kojo Fosu's introductory essay describes the colonial period when Western art education was introduced.

Chale Wote also provides a list of Ghanaian artists who have exhibited and sold their works, including myself. Step into the World is a publication produced for this repetition in Switzerland and deals with what she is experiencing live, with an exhibition in Ghana appearing in the catalogue. Di Rosa was born in Kumasi, Ghana, and in the early years of his life he took care of a workshop manager.

Adwoa Amoah and Ato Annan are also regularly involved in international projects and travel to Ghana to export their art. The collective Exit Frame was founded to reflect on contemporary art in Ghana and to facilitate artistic projects in Africa and far beyond the continent. In 2009, FCA organized a series of murals that began in Kumasi, Ghana, where the artists drew a mural in a rejuvenated room in front of the Ghanaian National Museum of Art and Culture (GNAC). But in 2010, it went further, turning the Art Garden into a public art space to connect artists directly with, as Annans put it, "the Ghanaian public and community."

These hands-on workshops represent the typical art and culture of Ghana, which is cultivated and invented by the craftsmen and artists themselves in their daily lives.

There is no specific national art museum and Ghana has a predominance of talented craftsmen, although some contemporary crafts have deviated from aesthetic and sometimes craftsmanship. Ghanaian art is illustrated in the works, but is not strongly represented in public space. Nothing can surpass the quality of the craftsmanship of older Kente pieces that are still to be found. Most contemporary painters, whether they are from Ghana or not, did not consider digital painting to be a field of research.

I saw a big exhibition - at the end of the year - organised by Blaxtarline KUMASI in Accra, Ghana. I have also seen and spoken to a number of artists from Ghana and other countries in the region. I have also studied the works of the Ghanaian Art Museum, the National Museum of Ghana (NMA) and the Musee de l'Archeologie des Arts Nationes.

Together we have the potential to bring contemporary art to the heart of Ghanaian society. In the last ten years, the number of artists in Ghana and their works has increased considerably. Increasingly, these artists are making works that involve the community and use public spaces. For more than a decade I have been the initiator of the most important artistic events in the country.

What other exciting destinations did you do during your tour in Ghana and what are your plans for future trips to other parts of Ghana?

I would add that Ibrahim Mahama will be the superstar of the Ghana Pavilion at this year's London International Art Festival, in which the country will be a guest of honour. Kwamis paintings are in important public collections, including the National Museum of Ghana, the Royal Academy of Arts in London and the British Museum. His works have also been exhibited in many private collections in Great Britain, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Australia and New Zealand. This is his first exhibition outside London and he has been shown in Ghana, Europe and the US.

More About Kumasi

More About Kumasi